Goodrich Pharmacy Present and Past

Goodrich Pharmacy has been in business continuously for over 130 years since its inception in 1884.

Goodrich Present:

Goodrich is currently involved in employee health and wellness services, practice-based research, and monitoring and managing patients’ medication therapy. Our ultimate goal is maximizing patients’ medication safety and effectiveness. Goodrich provides pharmaceutical care, also known as Medication Therapy Management, which includes medication reviews that identify and resolve drug therapy problems. We offer comprehensive and targeted medication reviews, improve outcomes in diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and other chronic conditions. We offer most adult immunizations including flu shots, weight management, and disease state management. We work with patients, caregivers, families and their providers to ensure that the patient’s medication is appropriate, effective, safe, and convenient.

Goodrich Pharmacy is a teaching site for the University of Minnesota and other colleges and universities across the midwest. College of Pharmacy students from the University of Minnesota and other schools are very involved in providing patient care, and many students also fulfill their community internships and externships here. Stephanie D, Amanda Schroepfer, Steve Simenson, Erica Burman and Nicole S are instructors (adjunct faculty) with the University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy. Since 2008 Goodrich Pharmacy has recruited and employed a pharmacy resident who specializes in community pharmacy and ambulatory care. Our resident and residency coordinator, Amanda Schroepfer, and other qualified pharmacists see patients at the Anoka, Andover, and Elk River RiverWay Clinics.

Goodrich Pharmacy has maintained a reputation of listening and caring for our patients. We are nationally recognized, community based and locally owned. Our patients know our staff by their first names and we do our best to know our patients. We always put the needs of our patients first. Goodrich Pharmacy has been serving the community for over 130 years and looks forward to continuing to provide great care to patients for many years to come.

Goodrich Past:

1884: Goodrich Pharmacy, known then as Goodrich and Jennings, occupied a storefront on Main Street, in Anoka, between First and Second Avenues. The pharmacy operated on the ground level, and the prosperous Goodrich and Jennings patent medicine business operated on the second floor.

1890: The Goodrich and Jennings firm purchased the stock of A.L. Peters and moved into the Norrell Block on Second Avenue South and remained there until 1902.

1902: In October the business of H.L. Ticknor was purchased by Goodrich and Jennings, which moved the business to Main Street near Downing Jewelry where it remained until 1965.

1914: George Goodrich bought out the Jennings interest of the firm and continued business under the name Goodrich Drug Company. George H. Goodrich, the man who helped shape Goodrich Pharmacies into what we know today, served as mayor of Anoka as well as president of the State Board of Pharmacy and president of the Minnesota Pharmacists Association. Early on in his career, George Goodrich obtained the recipe for the famous Hoff’s Liniment from Mr. Hoff. The horse drawn Hoff’s Liniment wagon was a common sight, as it sold and distributed Hoff’s Liniment throughout the Midwest. The liniment came to be distributed throughout the United States and Canada. This product anchored an important industry for the city of Anoka as many residents were employed year round with the manufacturing and processing of the liniment. This liniment as well as the other manufacturing of pharmaceutical products became such an important part of the business that the entire second floor of the Ticknor block became devoted to that part of the business. Eventually Hoff’s Liniment manufacturing relocated to St. Paul in the early 1920s but Anoka residents were still employed year round. This liniment was stated to be “Good for Man or Beast”

1925: After the death of George Goodrich, the estate ran the store with pharmacist Wallace Gow in charge of operations.

1945: Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hagen bought out the Goodrich firm.

1960: After 15 years in Anoka, Lester Hagen died and his wife continued to run the business.

1961: In October, William Wimmer, who retired in 2008, became a part owner and manager of Goodrich Drug Co

1965: In April Goodrich Rexall Drug moved into a space on Second Avenue South when it merged with Conger Pharmacy.

1972: William Wimmer built the location on the corner of First & Monroe across from the Mork Clinic at the urging of Dr’s Harold and Frank Mork.

1977: Steve Simenson came to Goodrich Pharmacy after graduation from the College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota. He has been a partner since 1980. Mr. Simenson is the corporation’s CEO, Treasurer and Managing Partner. Also, Mr. Simenson is a past President of the Minnesota Pharmacists Association and founder of the Minnesota Pharmacists Foundation. He has served on the American Pharmacist’s Association Board of Trustees 2006 to 2014. He served as its president in 2012 to 2013. Most recently, in 2017, Mr. Simenson was selected by the University’s Board of Regents to receive the Outstanding Achievement Award. The award is the U’s highest non-degree honor.

1990: Goodrich Pharmacy of Elk River opened in October.

1998: Goodrich Pharmacy Andover, opened in May, and is managed by Nancy Moe-Tracy. She completed pharmacy rotations at Goodrich Pharmacy before graduating from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy.

2001: The Pharmacy in St. Francis opened in December and is managed by Erica Burman; Erica has worked for Goodrich Pharmacy since she was a pharmacy student. She has been a partner since 2016.

2005: Our Blaine location opened and is managed by pharmacist Scott Benson. Mr. Benson has been with Goodrich since 1989 and a partner since 1995, he currently serves as President. Scott also has received the Minnesota Pharmacist’s Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the year Award.