Veterinary Compounding

Looking for an easier way to give your pets medicine?

As veterinarians, you know that you can’t always get the correct dose of a medication for your patients. As pet owners, we understand how difficult it is to administer these medications to our pets when the dosage form is not convenient. The pharmacists and staff at Goodrich Pharmacy are able to solve both of these problems as well as others that may arise.

Delivery Options

Our pharmacy is able to compound medications in many dosage forms:

  • Chewable treats
  • Suspensions
  • Transdermal gels
  • Capsules
  • Many others!

These different forms allow you to give the patient and their owners an easier method of administration. For oral products, we can also flavor them for patient specific products. These solutions can lead to increased medication compliance, which ensures healthier patients and happier owners and veterinarians!

Specific Doses and Medications

One of the largest problems in medicine is that there are no commercially available products in the dosages that provide acceptable doses for your patients. Some medications that were also once used are no longer produced. Goodrich Pharmacy can compound products in strengths you desire if commercial sources are unavailable. Our pharmacists use the highest standards and quality in preparing compounded products. We do not bulk compound, so all prescriptions are prepared for the individual patient when requested. We are here to help serve you and your patients with as many options as possible!


Goodrich Pharmacy has been compounding for over 20 years and has now expanded services to veterinary compounding. We are members of the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists and have trained at their facilities in Tennessee. We work hand in hand with this organization and all of its members to offer the best compounding services available.

Great service, Great Products

Goodrich pharmacy has five locations in the north metro area: Blaine, Anoka, Andover, Elk River, Fridley, and St Francis. Your patients can choose to pick up their prescriptions at any of our locations, or we can mail them to their house for a small fee. We also mail to veterinary clinics for patients to pick up if it is more accessible.

We Can Help!

Interested in finding out more about what Goodrich Pharmacy can do for you and your patients? Please contact us with any questions and we will answer them as quickly as possible. Together, with your expertise of animals and our knowledge of medications, we can improve the well-being of your patients. Nothing brings more joy to an owner than to see their pet healthy and happy, with cost-effective, easy to administer treatments.